Michael Brown, aka OlmikeB, first felt the nudge toward comedy in his hometown of Norfolk, Virginia where his affection for the art form was nurtured and cultivated. 
After serving in the United States Army for nine years as a soldier, and receiving various awards for his service and valor OlmikeB decided it was time to launch his comedy career.

OlmikeB started his matriculation into comedy by hosting shows at various venues throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Due to his friendly and engaging personality he is immediately likable, and his unique, yet earthy and energetic approach to humor led to him opening for acts like  Michael Blackson and Tony Woods.

In 2011 OlmikeB successfully promoted 3 reputable comedy shows - Let’s Go Comedy Vol. 1, Let’s Go Comedy Show Vol. 2, and New Kidz on the Block. These popular programs launched OlmikeB into earning local recognition as a reputable promoter in the DC, MD, and VA arena. As a result he was able to admirably showcase fellow up and coming comedians.

These favorable experiences led to the auspicious establishment of his own production company - OMBvision, later in 2011.OlmikeB went on to become a regular writer for "Da Jae Spot" and the locally produced TV show “The Tommy Taylor Show”. 

OlmikeB's captivating comedy skills lends to him being a perfect fit for the big screen. As a result, he has begun work in this area. He currently possesses an IMBD credit for his role in the short film “A Family Affair”, written and produced by Tommy Taylor, Jr. This film has been a beloved favorite at many film festivals. His other on-screen projects include; The Tommy Taylor Show, Capital Comedy Connection, and DCTV commercial “Anytime Anywhere". 

OlmikeB's eyes are fixed on a bright and illustrious future in comedy. He continues to soar on the wings of his passion and love for the business as he imaginatively develops and collaborates on successful projects to impact the world with laughter one-joke-at-a-time.