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What a hilarious guy!   Upon coming to the stage, he graciously thanked the crowd for a sold-out show.  I loved how he incorporated his time in the military and his home life into the act (you can tell this guy loves his family).  I’m still retelling his joke about men losing the bass in their voices during times of distress!  His routine flowed nicely from one subject to the next and he seemed very comfortable on stage, at times even interacting with the audience.I’m so glad I came to see this show and can’t wait until the official release of the DVD.  Ol’ Mike B is well on his way to big things.-Jay C. Bee

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I'm usually very tough in comedians considering I grew up watching stand up comedy. When My friends and I got our tickets to the Life And Times of Mike Brown's show I wasn't sure what to expect. What we received was a complete comedic mind blowing existence.

Every comic from the host to the performers that headlined the show brought something different to the stage. From a pleasant host/opening to great comedy from several female perspectives that weren't similar at all. We could tell we were in for a wild ride. There were no hecklers in the crowd as there was no room for heckling. The show was at the DC Arts center and even though it was sold out there wasn't that crowded sold out feeling where the crowd feels crowded and uncomfortable. The temperature of the event wasn't too hot or too chilly which is usually another one of my pet peeves.

The crowd just gave another thunderous round of applause and were so excited that we were all chanting "O" over and over again for reasons I won't spoil in this review but trust me every moment leading up to that point was a riot! Then it was time for Mike Brown to hit the stage.

Mike came out and the crowd was ready to see how he would follow up some great acts and close the show. From that point on I'm not sure how long his performance lasted but it seemed like over 30 minutes of nonstop jokes that covered everything from his life at home, work, children, his time in the military and more. Instead of just watching another show you could tell he was sharing real life personel moments with us in the form of comedy. It would go on to feel like a funny "meet and greet" or a "get to know" Mike show. Myself and the crowd hung onto his every word and humbling life changing experiences. The feeling of the room was that we all could see ourselves in Mike as well as the other comedians which makes that important connection from performer to crowd that much more reassuring. It was even comforting knowing that even though it was a live taping the film crew was almost invisible to the feel of the show and not in the way at all.

To sum it up and try to keep this short if you're looking for a refreshing twist on comedy and (like myself) are tired of the same old rehashed jokes I would recommend this show to anyone. Michele Sometimes, Glo, Greg Stevens, Adaylah Banks and Mike Brown KILLED IT that night and I will be there the next time I get a chance to witness this comedic Renaissance and I STRONGLY suggest anyone out there looking for a fresh twist do the same.